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If you can answer "yes" to any of the following questions, the time may have come to consider in-home care.

  • Is your loved one wearing clothing that is unclean or the same outfit day after day?
  • Is it apparent your loved one is not showering or bathing?
  • Does your loved one fail to comb/style their hair or brush their teeth?
  • Is your loved one losing weight?
  • Is there unusual tearing or bruising of the skin that may indicate a fall?
  • Does your loved one fail to recognize you or know your name?
  • Are there signs of confusion such as not knowing the date, where he/she is or the season of the year?
  • Has your loved one withdrawn socially or have trouble communicating?
  • Are there foul smells coming from the refrigerator and cupboards?
  • Are the cupboards void of nutritious food?
  • Is the home cluttered and does it have newspapers and mail accumulated?
  • Are you finding expired medications or medications that are not being taken?
  • Do you need assistance with your sick or disabled child in order to work or take care of other household members/necessities?
  • Are you in good health but often think of how you could benefit from assistance with daily essentials, housekeeping and/or companionship?

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