"CDE Health Care Services is alright with me. The staff is very good at providing one-on-one care."
  - Woodye C.

"CDE Health Care Services is a great company.  I’ve been with the agency since 2001 so they must be doing something right.  My family and I are very comfortable with the Personal Care Assistant that comes each day."
  - Charlene E.

"I feel that you offer a good service to the community. I don’t think that I could get a health care worker any better than the PCA provided to me by CDE Health Care Services."
  - Melvina M.

"I have been through a lot with my illnesses and I don’t think that I could have made it without the staff at CDE Health Care Services. My home health care worker has been amazing."
  - Alice S.

"CDE Health Care Services does a good job.  I have referred the company to some of my family members."
  - Henry W.

"I have used CDE's services for over 10 years for my disabled son. We are very happy with the care that he receives. I plan to use their services as long as he qualifies for it!"
  - Tracy R.

"My wife was employed with CDE Health Care Services until she was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. She loved the company so much that she allowed CDE to provide services to her. My wife has passed away and I truly appreciated their commitment, compassion and, dedication. It will never be forgotten."
  - Barry D.